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I firmly believe you have to be social on social media to grow and flourish in your business and side hustle endeavors. Have you ever heard the saying “it’s all about networking?” Well, my friends, it is. We are inundated with marketing ads day in and day out that quite frankly, many of us have come immune to. Am I right? Have you been one to tune out and scroll on by anything remotely resembling an ad? I know I have! You need to know how to stand out, be bold, and disrupt your market space – just a tad. You also need to be social on your social networks.

I do a little bit of everything and I am here to share with you, coach you, or do it for you.

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I hang out on Instagram the most. This is truly where you can connect with me and learn all the things marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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How to get Google Reviews

How to get Google Reviews

I hear this a TON. How can I get more, better, any – you name it – reviews online? The short answer. It is not always easy. If you are an independent business owner without staff – the answer is simple. ASK! You have to ask. Nine times out of ten, people do not just…